Sign up for your "Porchtraits"


This project was created by photographer Cara Soulia of Needham, Massachusetts, and in just a few short weeks, it made its way around the world. The idea of the project is to bring the faces of our communities together, while doing our part to stay apart. 

This has been a very isolating time for many individuals. Participating in this project can help show members of our community that they are not alone. I want to highlight any & everyone who wants to get involved and show how they #StayAtHome

Join me in contributing to #TheFrontStepsProject this coming week. I will be taking 5 minute "Front Porch Portraits" of seacoast families. I will send you a digital file of your portrait and in exchange, I am asking for a donation to a charity of your choice. Please note, participating in this project implies your consent for the images to be posted on social media, using the hashtag #thefrontstepsproject & #thefrontporchproject

If you are interested in participating, please sign up down below so that we can set up a time! Pictures will be taken outside of your home and from at least 8 feet away. Dress as you feel comfortable! Make signs as you please! Just be YOU! Let's showcase this beautiful community and remind everyone that we are all still here, doing our part to #flattenthecurve.